2014 Popcorn Dates and Forms


2014 DATES   

Council Popcorn Kickoff/ Sale Begins!

Show and Sell Orders Due Online

Show and Sell Pickup

Weekly Popcorn Drawings

Popcorn Sale Ends    

Show and Sell Returns ONLY

Take Orders (sales and prizes)Due ONLINE

Popcorn Payments Due


Take Order Distribution                   


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Popcorn Forms :                                

2013 Popcorn Leader's Guide:  Click Here                         

NEW:  2013 Blank Popcorn Fill-Up Form:  Click Here

2013 Council Popcorn Kickoff-Presentation:  Click Here

Updated: 2013 Council Prizes and Incentives:  Click Here

2013 Popcorn Program Planner:  Click Here

2013 Trails-End Leader Instructions:  Click Here

2013 Creating Online Accounts (for Scouts): Click Here

2013 Creating Online Accounts (for Leaders): Click Here

Scout Skits for Unit Kickoffs:  Click Here

Unit Popcorn Kickoff Tips:  Click Here

Closing the Sale with Customers (for Scouts):  Click Here

2013 Trails-End College Scholarship Form:  Click Here   


*** Don't forget to fax your Filled Up Order Forms to the Council Office by the weekly drawing dates listed above!!