Cub Scout Day Camp

Cub Scout Day Camp at Maclay Gardens

June TBD, 2020

9 am – 4 pm

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Click here for Cub Scout/Participant Registration form

Click here for Adult Volunteer Registration form

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All Registered Cub Scouts are welcome at Day Camp!

Cost: $TBD per scout registered by May ?

$TBD per scout with a den leader adult volunteer (all 5 days)
$TBD per scout with 5 day adult volunteer
$TBD per tot

  • Please register as a pack. Collect your pack’s fees/registration forms and turn in together at one time to the scout office.
  • Late registration: Registrations will be accepted until May ??th. See registration form for increased prices.
  • Volunteers needed: Each pack needs to provide 1 volunteer each day for every 4 scouts they have attending (per BSA guidelines). Please try to arrange this within your pack before turning in registration.
  • Tiger and Lion scouts MUST have a parent/guardian with them each day. This person will not count as a volunteer for the rest of the pack, since they must remain with the Tiger/Lion.
  • Tot Lot: Volunteers may bring their children age 3 and older who are toilet trained to participate in the Tot Lot program on the days that they volunteer. There is no cost for this program if you are volunteering 1 or 2 days. If you are volunteering 3 or more days, see the pricing above.
  • ScoutsBSA/Venture = Youth Volunteers: We are looking forward to having Scouts who are 14 and older and Star Scouts and Venturers age 14 and older volunteer at the camp. Please contact Gail Schaper ( if you have a child who is interested.