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Wood Badge - Scouting's Premier Training Course
Coming to Wallwood in 2017!  March 31- April 2 and April 21-23

Wood Badge is the BSA’s training course for adult leaders, and it’s for new and experienced Scouters alike.  Wood Badge is held every two to three years in our council and is conducted over two three-day weekends.  In Wood Badge participants expand their base of knowledge and skills required to provide a complete and rewarding scouting experience to the youth that we serve.

Is Wood Badge a stress-free vacation? No.

But for a vacation that tests your limits, gives meaning to your time spent in Scouting and makes your job as a leader easier, just say yes to Scouting’s pre-eminent training course for adults.

Your deluxe six-day, all-inclusive Wood Badge experience comes with decades of Scouting knowledge, a skilled and helpful staff and a guided tour through the entire Scouting program from Tiger Cubs to Venturing. And the price? Less than a single night costs at that fancy resort with the pool.

Wood Badge is expertly designed to stress you out, tie you in knots and take you on the same emotional roller coaster we put our Scouts on as they advance in the program.

In other words, you might not leave Wood Badge feeling relaxed, but you’re guaranteed to be recharged and ready to tackle any problem your Scouts throw your way. And it just might be the most fun you’ll ever have as a Scout leader.

For more on why you should attend Wood Badge training, see the following Scouting Magazine BLOG article

Please join us in celebrating 50 years of Wallwood Boy Scout Reservation, in Quincy, FL!

Wallwood Boy Scout Reservation lies on a tract of land over 600 acres in size along the shore of Lake Talquin in Gadsden County, Florida. The name Wallwood comes from the principal donors of the land, Dr. Charlie K. Wall and his wife Margaret.  They donated 476 acres to the Suwannee River Area Council in 1962, and the remainder came from the State of Florida and the Pittman family. Wallwood started summer camp operations at Wallwood in 1966, moving from the former Camp Semialachee.
For decades, generations of scouters have enjoyed learning about the outdoors through spending time at this camp. The education of youth from experiencing first hand knowledge in this outdoor natural environment is what scouting is all about, but our scouts only use this property for a portion of the year.  The camp is also open for rental by non-scouting groups during the balance of the time.
Wallwood and its 600 acres has so much to offer youth and adult group activities from all over the region.  Come out and see the camp and enjoy it's many amenities.  From the canoes and row boats at the classic camp water front on Lake Talquin to the heart of camp centered around the flag pole with large cafeteria, trading post/store (snacks and ice-cream), first aid building, headquarters lodge, outdoor church, crafts hut and amphitheater.  On the north side of the property a rifle range, shotgun range, ropes course and repelling tower.

With so much to offer, Wallwood Boy Scout Reservation should be your destination, when looking for an outdoor setting for your next group activity, whether for a day, weekend or a week!

For more information about using our camp facilities, please contact our office at 850-576-4146

Speaking of Wallwood... Our Summer camp programs are in full swing.  On Thursday, during the first week of camp, we had a visit from a team of Area level volunteers who came to assess our camp against the National Standards for BSA camps as part of the National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP).  During that visit, the team reported that they not only found NO ISSUES or deficiencies in our camp's facilities, programs and staff... BUT, they are also recommending to the National Council, three best practices that they found above and beyond the national standards at our camp.  Those were:

  1. Our Trailblazer Program
  2. Our C.I.T. (Counselor in Training) Program and 
  3. Our Adult Boy Scout Leader training during camp

These and all of our Council and Camp programs are something that all of us in Suwannee River Area Council can be proud of.  Please thank those volunteers and staff members that work to make sure that all of our boys have the best programs that we can provide.  Below is a video of the presentation that was made during lunch to Debbie Griner, our NCAP Committee Chair and Bob Norwillo our Camp Director by Bill Guglielmi, the Area 4 Vice President of Leadership & Performance.

CUB SCOUT LEADERS... DID YOU KNOW??? Your Pack can qualify the National Summertime Pack Award by planning and conducting three pack activities - one each in June, July, and August.   

Cub Scout Packs can earn a colorful ribbon for your Pack flag and a National Award Certificate that can be displayed within your program's Chartered Organization. Individual Cub Scout Dens can earn a participation ribbon by having at least half of their members attend the three events. Our individual Cub Scouts can earn a National Summertime Award Pin by attending all three events. The purpose of the National Summertime Pack Award is to encourage packs to provide a year-round program by continuing to meet during the time periods when school is out of session for several weeks or months. If a pack is in a 'year-round school' (or is part of a home-school association), the pack could earn the Summertime Pack Award by having a special pack activity during those breaks. 

Cub Scout Packs that have a strong year-round program have a greater retention rate of their members and are able to stay organized. Packs with a year-round program do not lose all of their momentum during the “summer break”, but rather use the summer as an opportunity to keep their momentum and stay organized going into the Fall. They are able to hit the ground running in those most important month’s in the fall where we are introducing Cub Scouting to all our for our new families and youth.
What should you do for a Pack activity? Perhaps have a Family Picnic, Swimming Day, Hike, Fishing Day, Pack Trip to the Zoo, Pack BBQ, or Field Trip. The possibilities are endless for activities for you to build better relationships with your families and most importantly perhaps recruit some new leaders going into the fall. 

Every Pack should and could earn the Summertime Pack Award to strengthen the quality of your Program!! Don’t think that families are too busy during the summer months – rather most families are looking for a family friendly activity that isn’t too costly and can keep their Scouts and family busy during those summer months. GOOD LUCK AND GO EARN THAT AWARD THIS SUMMER!! 

For a National Summer Pack Award Form click here.

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The Suwannee River Area Council, Boy Scouts of America was incorporated on January 22 1924. Since then it has been our honor to instill in the youth we serve the character, values and traditions that make Boy Scouts of America stand apart in the crowd. Thirteen counties throughout south Georgia and north Florida are served by Suwanee River Area Council. If you are not involved in Scouting today please let us know how we can serve you!