Iason Elder’s Eagle Project



My Eagle project is to install shelving racks and landscaping for a new food choice pantry located at 1317 High Road in zip code 32304. This zip code has the highest rate of food insecurity in the state of Florida. Almost half the children living in this zip code live below the poverty line. A food choice pantry, which is like a grocery store but with donated food where those in need can select food based on preference or food restrictions, would help solve this issue. It will be open various hours each week, allowing working families to participate.



A New Day Initiative in partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank


Fundraising Goals

  • $3,000 for my project to cover shelving racks and landscaping
  • $12,000 to help raise funds for the construction of the New Food Choice Pantry
  • $15,000 Total


How to Help

  • Donate MoneyA New Day Initiative PayPal Link or make a check out to A New Day Initiative. ***Be sure to put “Pantry/Elder” in the memo section so I get credit.*** You will receive a donation letter for tax purposes. Donate $100 or more and your name will be added to the project plaque to be place inside the pantry.
  • Donate food, supplies, or materials – I will arrange a pickup of the items. Please contact my dad using the information below.
  • Suggest fundraisers or other ideas to help.
  • Share this page with friends and coworkers. I can present my project to interested groups.


About Me

My name is Iason Elder, and I am 14 years old. I am in Troop 109 in Tallahassee, FL. I’m a life scout and currently the Senior Patrol Leader for my troop. This project is very important to me because I believe that everyone—including children—should have access to food. I have volunteered with food distribution centers since I was a toddler.



Jason Elder (my dad) 410.227.3591. 2624 Malin Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32309
Top: Iason with his flag service project. 2023 Bottom: Iason helping at Hands Against Hunger. 2010