Wood Badge

When the Boy Scouts of America introduced the new Training Continuum in 2001, the third part of that continuum was to complete Wood Badge for the 21st Century within 2 years of becoming a registered BSA Leader.

Next Course: March 8-10 and April 5-7, 2024

Mission of Wood Badge
The mission of Wood  Badge is to inspire and train adults to achieve the  mission and aims of the  BSA through  premier leadership training that sets the example for  youth empowerment  to enrich the world.

The  primary purpose of Wood  Badge is to strengthen  Scouting  in our  units, districts, and council.  Every youth deserves a well-trained  leader.

Why Join Wood Badge
Wood  Badge provides dedicated Scouters with the concepts, tools, and methods needed to  be effective  leaders. Wood  Badge creates a structured opportunity  to develop and apply critical leadership skills.

Attending  Wood  Badge will  make your Scouting job  easier. Attendees  gain an in-depth understanding  of the skills of leadership. The skills you learn will  help you become a more effective  leader  in Scouting, your  career, your  family, and your  community  life.

Who Can Attend
To attend a Wood  Badge course, Scouters must:

  • Be registered adult  members of the Boy Scouts of America .
  • Have completed  basic training courses for  their  Scouting  position.
  • Be capable of functioning  safely  in an outdoor environment.  All  partic ipants are required to complete the Annual Health and Medical Record forms A,  B, and C.

Course Objectives
Service and Leadership  for Scouting Service and leadership  for America

  1. Examine your own leadership skills  by recognizing your  own strengths.
  2. Practice and improve your  leadership skills.
  3. Communicate effectively  and build relationships  and teams.
  4. Guide youth and other adults  in the development  of their  leadership  skil ls.
  5. Strengthen your  commitment  to living and teaching the Scout Oath and Law.