Join Scout Night

Below are links to information on how to run a successful recruiting drive for Cub Scouts, we call it “Fall Sign Up Night”

Fall Sign Up Night Training – July 31 , 2019; 6:30pm @ Woodville Elementary School – Cafeteria.

Leaders Guide 2019

Parent Guide 2019

How to plan a Pack program calendar for a Scouting year = new parents will want to know what they and their son will be getting involved in?

Here is a link to an ideal Pack flow chart – ideally each position is a different parent = where does your Pack need help?

Other Pack Rescources =

When is Fall Sign Up Night? This is up to the Pack to decide – the best date is the 2nd Thursday after school starts.

The Fall Sign Up Night program should start at 6:30pm, thus you need to gain access to the cafeteria by 5:45pm. The Fall Sign Up Night meeting takes about an hour and you will need 1/2 hour to clean-up, thus you should be leaving the building around 8:00pm. 

Open House is a great opportunity to give flyers to parents and invite them to join your Pack. Ask the Principal if you can be at the Open House and pass out flyers? The Council will provide and print flyers for your Fall Sign Up Night recruiting – Send your request to Bob.Norwillo@scouting .org and he will work with you to finalize the flyer content – please give a few days lead time on flyer requests.

Pack’s should identify a Membership Chairman now – plan to attend May 15 Fall Sign Up Night Training.

Leon County Schools starts August 12, 2019!

Thursday, August 8 – many Open Houses – great opportunity to reach parents, invite to join your Pack!