True Cost of Scouting

The True Cost of Scouting

You can think of the “True Cost of Scouting” in terms of an iceberg. When you see an iceberg only 20% of that iceberg is visable above the water, the rest is submerged-supporting the visable part.

This is very similar to Scouting. Most Scouts and Scout families will only see 20% of the total operation of the Suwannee River Area Council or the Scouting program.

They will not see the other 80% of the operation that makes the Scouting program come alive for their son.

The Scouting “Iceberg”

Above the Water 20% – Handbooks, Uniforms, Boys’ Life Magazine, Activity Fees, Summer Camp, Registration, Equipment, Meeting Place Costs

Volunteer and Staff Training
Training for more than 1,500 volunteer leaders every year

MultiCultural Initiative
An effort to reach into our underserved communities to increase minority participation

Reference publications and resources
Everything from program planning kits to Program Helps and camping guidebooks

New member recruitment
Flyers, posters, lawn signs, banners and more

Camp Promotion
ForWallwood Scout Reservation,Day Camp and more

Camp Equipment
Tents, cooking equipment, vehicles, pumps, pool, canoes, equipment replacement and repair

No Scout is denied a summer camping opportunity because of financial circumstances

Support Staff
For registration, typing publications, and program support, record keeping

Administrative Needs
Postage, computers, and linkup to National Computer System, copy machines, folding machines, Background checks and printing

Service Center
Utilities, insurance, repairs and care for our headquarters

Charter Fees
For every Scouting youth, leader, and unit

Audio Visual Supplies
Used in training, camp promotion, activities, recruitment and much more

Council Website
Go online to learn more about our council and its program

For leaders who attend training, volunteer for special projects, and help out in many roles throughout Scouting

Professional Staff
Our full-time staff who work with volunteers to organize new units, manage fund raising, conduct trainings, work with membership recruitment, provide counseling and advice for your district, our camps and programs

Mailings to leaders, parents, and youth members

ScoutingCouncil Newsletter and E-news
Our newsletter so you know what is going on in Scouting

Unit Program Calendar
And many other items provided to help you plan your weekly program

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