February 11 – April 30, 2021

The Suwannee River Area Council is pleased to announce the return of our Council-wide Camp Card Sale for 2021. Even though our 2020 Camp Card Sale was interrupted by the arrival of Coronavirus and all of the safer-at-home precautions, we were still able to raise $29,970 which represents a 391% increase over the previous year. The 2021 Camp Card Sale should be an even more robust sale with some outstanding offers that communities throughout the entire Council will find valuable!

Here is your chance to earn your own way in Scouting by participating in the annual Camp Card Sale. Camp Cards are coupon cards full of discounts for businesses in your local area that your Scout can sell for $5 and keep 50% of the commission.

The purpose of selling Camp Cards is to allow Scouts to earn money towards their Scouting program.  This could be for unit campouts, a new uniform, annual registration or unit fees, activities, summer camp, or more. Even if your unit hasn’t decided yet or is not interested in managing the sale for your families, you can still participate!  

It was great to see so many of our scout families attend the 2021 Camp Card Kickoff during Round Table this past month! COVID-19 certainly has made us have to think creatively about how to have fun, but we’re determined to make this sale a huge success again this year. If you haven’t seen the offers on the cards yet, read on and you’ll see why we’re so excited!

Our Camp Card looks incredible this year, and we want to be sure that your unit gets your order in. We are super excited to announce that once again this year, we have THREE versions of the card, representing seven counties. Even better, each of the three cards also has SEVEN snap off offers this year instead of five giving these cards even more bang for the buck! What does this mean for you and your scouts? More opportunities for your scouts to pay their own way in scouting, more local businesses from your community and more opportunities to sell even more cards! Please look at all the offers we have this year on the images of each card at the bottom of this page.

This program is completely RISK FREE; simply return any unsold cards at settlement on or before April 30, 2021.

Camp Scholarships Available!

Every time a scout sells 25 cards, they will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a camp experience!  Drawings to include one FREE scholarship to each of the following:  Cub Family Weekend (up to four people), Cub Scout Day Camp, Scouts BSA Summer Camp, and Scouts BSA Winter Camp.

Scholarships are not transferable, have no cash value, and cannot be combined with other individuals.  They may only be redeemed at one of the SRAC events listed above during the 2021 calendar year.

Leader’s Guide

All this and much more, is available for units and families selling the 2021 Camp Card!  To learn more about this exciting opportunity, follow this link to get your copy of the 2021 Camp Card Sale Leader’s Guidebook today!

Key Dates for 2021 Camp Card Sale:
  • February 11 – Camp Card Sale Begins / Card distribution at RoundTable
  • March 11 – Camp Card Re-distribution at Roundtable
  • April 8 – Camp Card Settlement Opportunity at Roundtable
  • April 30 – Camp Card Sale Ends
To register your unit’s commitment:

Follow this link: Suwannee River Area Council – 2021 Camp Card Unit Commitment

For more information, please contact:

Council Camp Card Chair: Heather Rosenberg, 850-322-5425 or nolegirl74@gmail.com
Council Camp Card Staff Advisor: Terry Whitaker, 850-576-4146 or terry.whitaker@scouting.org

2021 Camp Card Images

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